Mackinac Piano Delivery

Mackinac Island is home to one of America’s oldest established national parks, Mackinac Island State Park, which consumes more than 80 percent of the island’s land and is open to visitors all year long. If you’re a water buff, Mackinac Island boasts great kayaking, boating, sailing, and fishing options; if you prefer to stay on dry land, you can take in the breathtaking views on foot, by bike, or by horse from Lake Shore Boulevard, which encircles the entire eight-mile perimeter of the island.


Getting Around

The first thing you will notice when you step foot onto the beautiful Island is the absence of automobiles. Some find this ironic, seeing how Michigan revolutionized the world with the automobile. Initiated in 1898, this ban on automobiles has resulted in clean, noise-free air and a quaint, village ambiance filled with the soft clopping of horse hooves. Just like yesteryear, you’ll get around by foot, bike, horseback or horse-drawn carriage. Dock porters at the ferry lines will usher your luggage to your final destination.


The Steinway Buggy

Steinway Piano Gallery has delivered over 25,000 pianos throughout Michigan and Northwest Ohio. We have provided and serviced pianos at thousands of concerts and music festivals and have cared for the musical needs of the world famous international Steinway Artists who played them. It is no surprise to see that Steinway will go to extreme measures to care for their clients needs. The picture below shows a 9-foot Steinway concert grand piano being delivered to Mackinac Island by way of horse and buggy.


Steinway Piano Gallery is more than just a piano store. Our mission is to enhance life’s experience through an active participation in music. Whether you are a casual player or an accomplished musician, Steinway can help you find an affordable piano for your needs. If you just love to listen to music, the Steinway concert hall is home to some of Michigan’s finest jazz musicians and classical artists. Every month, Steinway Piano Gallery has concerts to keep your feet tapping and your spirit soaring. Visit our Upcoming Events to see how you can have fun at Steinway.