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Take a peek inside the Midwest’s largest piano store where you will see…

Corner of M5 and Maple (1/4 Mile W. of Haggerty)

Corner of M5 and Maple
(1/4 Mile W. of Haggerty)

There is an enormous selection of pianos available in our Gallery Showrooms and warehouse. You’ll have the opportunity to make side-by-side comparisons of famous make pianos and choose from hundreds of new and previously owned pianos in every size, style, finish and price range.

Our Concert and Artist Department provides Steinway concert instruments for performances throughout Michigan and NW Ohio. [More]




Learn all about pianos from Steinway …

Steinway Piano Gallery is a factory licensed Showroom for the Steinway Family of Fine Pianos.  Over 160 internally renowned universities and performance venues use pianos from Steinway exclusively.  These major performance venues, university schools of music, and their skilled technicians have done all the homework for you. [More]




Grinnell Brothers Pianos: A Detroit Tradition

The Grinnell Brothers Piano Company has been part of the Detroit landscape since 1879, and the Steinway Piano Gallery has been the caretaker of this great part of Detroit history. Grinnell Brothers grand and upright pianos are built to the highest of standards at a very affordable price. They are designed to have a warmer, richer tone color that allows the student to experiment with many different types of music. [More]





Go Ahead, Wear it Out! We Dare You …

used pianosLet’s chat about used pianos. We’re not always the first place people buy their pianos, but we are almost always the last. Don’t get us wrong, we’re not complaining. We’re blessed to be the Steinway dealer. But when a player decides to buy their last piano the search is rarely about what piano are they going to trade up to, but rather which Steinway are they going to trade up too. [More]



State of the Art Digital Pianos

From classic-styled instruments that provide the authentic look and feel of traditional pianos to mobile instruments designed for professional use on stage, our Roland award-winning digital pianos deliver top-level touch and tone plus unmatched education and technology features. [More]




The mid-century modern piano has been carefully restored and is a true collectable Steinway…

Walter Dorwin Teague, born in 1883, was one of the most successful and daring industrial designers of his day following the Great Depression. Some of today’s most commonly used luxuries resulted from Teague’s work. After discovering his incredible talent for drawing, he decided to pursue his dream. With minimal cash and a daring drive, he left for New York City at only nineteen years of age.  [More]




If you can imagine it, we can build it …

Steinway pianos are handcrafted one at a time. They are available in classic ebony and select “Crown Jewel” wood finishes. But every so often, one of our clients comes to us with a passion for the unique.  They know exactly how they want their home to look and feel, and the grand piano is the focal point of the space. For years, we have been custom designing one-of-a-kind pianos for our most discriminating clients and their interior designers and architects. It’s a process. We visit the home; we look at the space in which the piano will be displayed, and we do sketches of the case and components. We provide samples of veneers, finishes, colors and hardware. No project is too difficult. The piano can be a stock instrument with subtle changes, or it can be built from the ground up. Here are a few ideas we have presented to our clients. [More]





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