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Take a peek inside the Midwest’s largest piano store where you will see…

Corner of M5 and Maple (1/4 Mile W. of Haggerty)

Corner of M5 and Maple
(1/4 Mile W. of Haggerty)

There is an enormous selection of pianos available in our Gallery Showrooms and warehouse. You’ll have the opportunity to make side-by-side comparisons of famous make pianos and choose from hundreds of new and previously owned pianos in every size, style, finish and price range.

Our Concert and Artist Department provides Steinway concert instruments for performances throughout Michigan and NW Ohio. [More]



There’s always something great happening at Steinway…

At Steinway Piano Gallery, we provide more than just high quality pianos. We offer top notch fun! Our Recital Hall hosts some of the finest musicians from members of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra to Steinway artists and jazz musicians. Whatever your musical taste, these monthly performances will keep your feet tapping and your spirit soaring.  [More]





The Arts Academy…where we teach fingers to dance

The Arts Academy at Steinway Piano Gallery is where you learn to play the music you love. We help beginners of all ages to experience the thrill of making music and art, and we coach the most advanced students and hobbyists to the next level.  Teaching people to play has always been an integral part of our mission. The credentials of our staff are unparalleled. The programs are unique and the emphasis is on the enjoyment that playing and performing brings. [More]



Beautiful Ballads and Foot Stompin’ Classics…The Steinway Jazz Café

The Steinway Jazz Café is one of Michigan’s top jazz hotspots! Each month we showcase the Midwest’s most formidable vocalists and instrumentalists. Elegantly presented and eagerly received by thousands, the jazz café affords the opportunity to share in the jazz experience with recognizable music that everyone can enjoy. Here is a sample of some of the great performances that have happened here at the Steinway Jazz Café. [More] 




Sundays with the Classics

Events are happening all the time!Some of the finest world-traveling pianists come to our Recital Hall to perform great classics by Rachmaninoff, Gershwin, Debussy, Bach, and more. If you are a lover of classical piano, this is the concert series for you. Grab a friend and listen to great pianists perform in an informal and intimate salon style setting. The Steinway concert grand is radiant in this environment. Sit back, relax, and indulge yourself in the great classics… perhaps even with a complimentary glass of wine. [More]



Come party with us! We do it all the time!

In 1986, a group of music lovers gathered together in our store to explore ways to showcase some of the great talent that Michigan has to offer and have a good time doing it. These were our goals: to provide a platform for Michigan musicians to express their art for your enjoyment, create a social setting where people can meet others that share a love for music, [More]



If you can imagine it, we can build it …

Steinway pianos are handcrafted one at a time. They are available in classic ebony and select “Crown Jewel” wood finishes. But every so often, one of our clients comes to us with a passion for the unique.  They know exactly how they want their home to look and feel, and the grand piano is the focal point of the space. For years, we have been custom designing one-of-a-kind pianos for our most discriminating clients and their interior designers and architects. It’s a process. We visit the home; we look at the space in which the piano will be displayed, and we do sketches of the case and components. We provide samples of veneers, finishes, colors and hardware. No project is too difficult. The piano can be a stock instrument with subtle changes, or it can be built from the ground up. Here are a few ideas we have presented to our clients. [More]




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