Take a peek inside the Midwest’s largest piano store where you will see…

Corner of M5 and Maple (1/4 Mile W. of Haggerty)

Corner of M5 and Maple
(1/4 Mile W. of Haggerty)

There is an enormous selection of pianos available in our Gallery Showrooms and warehouse. You’ll have the opportunity to make side-by-side comparisons of famous make pianos and choose from hundreds of new and previously owned pianos in every size, style, finish and price range.

Our Concert and Artist Department provides Steinway concert instruments for performances throughout Michigan and NW Ohio. [More]




This is your brain on music …

An image of the brain processing music shows the involvement of a variety of the brain’s structures. Science has demonstrated that the neuropathways in the brain used in making music are the same neuropathways used for mathematics, spatial skills, reasoning and logic. [More]




Why Steinway?

At the turn of the century, there were hundreds of U.S. piano manufacturers building almost 450,000 pianos a year. People bought a home; in the home was a parlor; and in the parlor was the piano. It was often the second largest purchase families made. It was a symbol of culture, status and was a source of family unity and entertainment. We were defined by our purchase of a piano. [More]




Need a boost? Try some music …

What You Play Affects How You Feel … When you sit down at a piano, you’re probably not thinking about what is happening in your body as you play. However, a wealth of research supports how playing music, especially piano, has benefits beyond simply becoming an excellent musician. Research shows how regular piano playing significantly improves fine motor skills, lowers heart and respiratory rates, reduces blood pressure, lessens the probability of heart problems, and improves a person’s overall immune system. [More] 



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