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Steinway At Livonia Public Schools



The arrival of a brand-new Steinway grand piano and a brand-new Boston grand (designed by Steinway & Sons) to each of the three high schools in the Livonia Public School District was the end result of an interesting and exciting process. It started with a complimentary Piano Inventory Analysis performed by Wilbur Miller, Director of Institutional Sales at Steinway Piano Galley of Detroit.  Twenty-three individual schools were visited, and every piano was inspected and documented.  That information was compiled into a booklet and presented to the district, giving them a detailed record of each piano’s location, how it was used, its brand, serial number, age, condition, and value.

At the same time, a committee of “teacher experts” was selected from among the music teachers in the district to audition numerous pianos from various manufacturers and then make a recommendation to the school board based upon their preferences. It was no surprise that Steinway and Boston pianos received the top grade, due to gorgeous piano tone and incredible responsiveness to the touch.

Next, the pianos went through the standard bidding process. Steinway and Boston pianos were submitted along with other brands that had been examined.  While the Steinway products were not the least expensive instruments that were bid, the Livonia school board honored and approved the recommendations of the teacher experts who chose Steinway products because of superior tone, touch, and construction methods.  We commend the Livonia school board for choosing the very best pianos possible for the great students of the district.  By this decision, they have affirmed that in the Livonia School District, fine arts matter!  In the area of music, the Livonia Schools have been set apart as one of the finest in the area!

If your school district, private school, college, university, or church is suffering with old, worn, outdated and inadequate pianos, we at Steinway Piano Gallery of Detroit want to help you! The same wonderful process just completed in the Livonia Schools could happen where you are, and it begins with a simple phone call.  Please call Wilbur Miller, Director of Institutional Sales or Alicia Scott, K12 Coordinator at 248-560-9200, and we’ll begin our journey together . . .